Lake Trout

Bryce Liddell invites you to share this little piece of paradise. With so much to do and no schedule to keep, many of our guest tell us it is more like a retreat.
While we offer great fishing for the natural hat trick (Northern Pike, Walleye, and Lake Trout) - Iskwatikan Lake Lodge also offers hiking canoeing, sightseeing and just plain old relaxing. Travel one mile across the lake and hike the trail to see the spectacular Nistowiak Falls. Ask Bryce to tell you the story of how the first set of falls got their name (Airplane Falls). Canoe around the lake and watch for wildlife on shore, in the water and in the air. Take a dip in the rapids to cool off during a hot summer afternoon. Complete the day with a fish fry of freshly caught walleye fillets and an evening spent around the campfire visiting and telling stories of the big one that got away.
The peace, quiet, and friendly atmosphere will keep you coming back to Iskwatikan Lake Lodge for years to come.

Northern Pike

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